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hiSky’s satellite communication solution monitoring the location of vehicle fleets, hours of service, fuel consumption and engine telemetry data, as well as conducting two-way communications with drivers around the world. Long distance drivers need reliable communication with both dispatchers and their destinations. Our systems complete the need for more efficient, cost-effective and safer fleet operations as well as the imposition of regulatory mandates related to driver safety, such as drive-time monitoring, all of those demands for MSS and data transfer in rural areas and out of reach of terrestrial communications services.

hiSky`s Smartellite™ Dynamic provides a great solution for fleet management all-in-one small package, with seamless connectivity, on-the-move satellite communication. Its small footprint shallow profile is perfect for moving vessel without affecting its aerodynamic efficiency thanks to our innovative Active phase array antennas and on-the-move tracking algorithm. The terminal will complete the connectivity with the driver and vessel/vehicle data information when services are out of reach like in rural areas, deserts, jungles, mountains and at sea, far from shoreline terrestrial communications services.


  1. Trucks
  2. Buses/School Buses
  3. maritime - Fisheries and Yachts
  4. Automotive & Telecommunication
  5. Transportation and Logistics
  6. Rail Locomotives and Carts

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