Primetech has joined forces with hiSky to incorporate its Smartellite's solutions into any IoT/M2M application using satellite technology.

Smaller than a laptop and equipped with a Ku or Ka-Band phased-array flat panel antenna, there are two Smartelite options a Fixed Smartellite Terminal and a Dynamic Smartellite Terminal.

The Fixed Smartellite Terminal is designed for use with entirely external applications such as COTP and COTM. Fixed to poles or structures, the Smartellite terminal is offered in two configurations: PoE and solar power. This terminal supports both wireless (Wi-Fi) and wired (LoRaWAN) connectivity for phones, tablets, and sensors (Long Range Wide Area Network). Applications include mining, pipelines, energy, agriculture, and remote sensor backhaul.

In reaction to polarisation and frequency variations, the Dynamic Terminal's phased-array antenna automatically acquires and tracks satellites. Antenna and satellite modem are tightly integrated into one unit with Ethernet, WiFi, serial, and Bluetooth interfaces and low power consumption.